this is dave's very cool pumpkin :)
it won him 2nd prize at his office's pumpkin contest :)

our family on trick-or-treat night!

the little man loves to stand...

here cohen models a onesie embroidered by mommy :)

hope everyone enjoyed the time change!
its always intersting to see how the kids react.

what did i do with the extra hour? (that i can remember)

-went to an 'embroidery party' (i have a new toy... )

-made 2 pumpkin rolls (after making my 1st one ever on saturday with our neighbor!)
-folded 4 loads of laundry
-made pumpkin soup

-made 2 trips to meijer

now ill try to stay up to watch my normal sunday nigh TV. sleep may be more appetizing.

have a great week everyone!


rmeyfe said...

OHHHH did you get one of those cool embroidery sewing machines? Those are too cool!

Way cool pumpkin, congrats on second place!!

Rorie said...

Well, I sure didn't get to sleep in that extra hour. Does any mommy with toddlers?
That pumpkin is so awesome. :)

Janelle said...

LOL, I love that pumpkin!!

Love the pics of the kiddos, too ~ they are both so adorable!!

You accomplished quite a bit with your extra hour! :)

ali said...

I love Dave's pumpkin! Neat idea!

I really need to see you and the kids... they sure are growing up!

Anonymous said...

Everything is awesome! The pumpkin Dave made, Cohen's short you embroidered, the pumpkin roll sounds delicious, the pics, everything is great. Can we get one of those pumpkin rolls?? Missing you all!


Stephanie said...

embroidery party sounds fun..

I guess its working out for you..

Glad you shared some stuff..

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