poor baby

cohen is 7th months old today.
and what did he get? a few things.

3 new teeth. (the 3 to left of his fang)
(he's not always this unhappy, only when we hold him down to take pictures of his 3 erupting teeth... and i think he was ready to eat too!)

and the chicken pox.

he has been surprisingly chipper, but we can tell when the medicine wears off!

well, my machine is stitching, and my sunday night TV is almost on, but i just wanted to share these pictures, as i know some of you were patiently waiting to see them :)

have a great week :) hugs to you all!


Janelle said...

Wow, can't believe he's seven months already! Sorry he got the "gift" of chicken pox... hope they won't bother him too much!

He is SUCH a cutie pie!

ali said...

That 7 month picture will be great to capture the moment!

Give him a kiss from me! Poor baby!!

Rorie said...

Aw, poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better soon.

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