more conversations

we are trying to teach lilly to stay within eyesight of us.
it's more or less a reminder type thing...
even though it is really hard for her not to run straight to the backyard as soon as we open the garage door.

tonight we were trying to organize the garage a bit.
i look up...
lilly is out of site...
i quickly head to see if she is in the backyard. dave follows...

she is half way there, stops, turns towards me and puts her hands behind her back... and here is the conversation that follows.

me: lilly. did you ask mommy or daddy if you could go in the backyard?
lilly: uh uh
me: are you supposed to ask mommy or daddy if you can go in the backyard?
lilly: uh huh
me: what do you say to mommy and daddy?
lilly: soddy, guys (sorry, guys)

oh. my.
she cracks us up.
every. single. day.



i am woman.
hear me roar.

funny how we didn't even tell her to do her lion impression.

later in the evening, she took the lion's tongue right of of its mouth.
oh, you little lion tamer you.
you are a beast, that is for sure.

(please. click on the picture to see it in full size. you must see the eyes.)


another weekend gone by

the weekend is almost over...
it was a busy one.
with plenty more to come.

cleaning the house
making yummy food
summer work party
eating lots of good food
after party at our house
eating more good food
3rd birthday party for miss abby
more yummy food there
got my MP computer moved back to its home :)

(i can almost feel some scrapping going on...)

and speaking of MP... only a few days left of the sale....
(all stamps on sale through the end of june!)

have a good week everyone :)


a happy day for lilly

-a 52 ounce bag of m&m's ("ems") from sam's... we needed to restock, as one M for each successful trip to the potty is rewarded)

-a new blue's clues ("coos coos") toothbrush

-watering daddy's garden and the slide with water from her pool

-a few trips to the bathroom all by herself (i mean, she opened the door, got herself ready, sat on the potty and went... all by herself...)

-a few reminders to mommy and daddy that she needed to go potty

-coloring a happy birthday banner for her friend abby

-dry panties ALL day long!!

-a present from mommy and daddy for doing so good with the potty... as lilly calls it "snoopy snoopy"

(and of course, a big knock on wood from me!)



to preface this conversation:
i had a headache pretty much all day today...
probably because of this nice humid weather. yuck.

dave: does your head still hurt?
me: yeah, i just feel like crap.
lilly: mommy, cappy?
dave: [smirk]
me: [smirk]
lilly: cappy, mommy? cappy?
me: yes, lilly. mommy's head hurts.


wednesday ramblings

so, here is the basement... the shelving/desk/office is basically done!! (well, the woodworking part, which was the MAIN thing going on...)

because of the garage sale, we had to move everything back to the basement, and i had to shove everything in a 'spot' pretty quick. so... as you can see, we need to clean up and organize now :)

and here is PROOF that i have been creating something...
i helped erin out with corner rounding, punching holes, and ribbon-ing 300+ (or did we make 600?!?!) wedding programs for one of her good friends.

here we are working... cracking a grin because dave asked us if we were going to look up...

(and i just remembered that we ate a wee bit of ice cream (to keep us awake), and what was left over managed to stay in my fridge all day long!! well, for at least another 10 minutes...)

and the last pic for tonight...
weve been working on the yard...
weve been looking around a bit, and we realized we really like japanese maple trees. those of you who know me know how 'cheap' i am... (i say that proudly)... and i was not about to spend $130 on a 2 foot tree... teehee.

well, thanks to mr. sam walton, we now have a little baby japanese maple :)

happy father's day to dave.


summer break

survived our 3 day garage sale... rain and all.

sunday, dave and i weeded and mulched the yard after living here for only 3 years... and our bodies can still move today :)

today, the 1st day of 'real' summer break.

this afternoon... i napped while lilly napped. not that i needed to, or should have. my list of things to do is huge, and napping is the last thing on that list.

i napped because i could :)

did i ever mention that napping is one of my top 5 favorite things to do?

for real, it is. i know. im bad.

(but i did take the girls on 2 walks this morning, so i guess i was a little tired... lol. yeah, that justifies the nap enough for me!)

happy summer :)


more NYC

since i should be headed to bed, i thought i'd just post a few more pics instead of spending half and hour writing something up... (time~10:23PM)

lilly the big wig at 'martha'

dave:"there's a guy down there in his underwear."
me: "is it the naked cowboy!?!?"
dave: "who's the naked cowboy?"

the new apple store... very cool, all underground, though you can't see it from this pic.

strolling on 5th avenue, headed to central park...

that's a pretty good recap of our NYC pictures...
time~10:33PM and i am headed to bed...
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