wednesday ramblings

so, here is the basement... the shelving/desk/office is basically done!! (well, the woodworking part, which was the MAIN thing going on...)

because of the garage sale, we had to move everything back to the basement, and i had to shove everything in a 'spot' pretty quick. so... as you can see, we need to clean up and organize now :)

and here is PROOF that i have been creating something...
i helped erin out with corner rounding, punching holes, and ribbon-ing 300+ (or did we make 600?!?!) wedding programs for one of her good friends.

here we are working... cracking a grin because dave asked us if we were going to look up...

(and i just remembered that we ate a wee bit of ice cream (to keep us awake), and what was left over managed to stay in my fridge all day long!! well, for at least another 10 minutes...)

and the last pic for tonight...
weve been working on the yard...
weve been looking around a bit, and we realized we really like japanese maple trees. those of you who know me know how 'cheap' i am... (i say that proudly)... and i was not about to spend $130 on a 2 foot tree... teehee.

well, thanks to mr. sam walton, we now have a little baby japanese maple :)

happy father's day to dave.


Missy said...

I LOVE those pics.
I love your BASEMENT!
junk and all.

and you two giggling.
killing me.

and look at your landscaping!!

ali said...

I LOVE the tree! It looks great!

Rorie said...

Your yard looks so nice. Wanna trade? I've got lots (and lots and lots) of weeds... :P

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