more conversations

we are trying to teach lilly to stay within eyesight of us.
it's more or less a reminder type thing...
even though it is really hard for her not to run straight to the backyard as soon as we open the garage door.

tonight we were trying to organize the garage a bit.
i look up...
lilly is out of site...
i quickly head to see if she is in the backyard. dave follows...

she is half way there, stops, turns towards me and puts her hands behind her back... and here is the conversation that follows.

me: lilly. did you ask mommy or daddy if you could go in the backyard?
lilly: uh uh
me: are you supposed to ask mommy or daddy if you can go in the backyard?
lilly: uh huh
me: what do you say to mommy and daddy?
lilly: soddy, guys (sorry, guys)

oh. my.
she cracks us up.
every. single. day.


Rorie said...

Jen, she is just so stinkin cute!

ali said...

Sounds like a familiar struggle :) I really try not to laugh, but it is sooooo hard.

erin said...

I am still giggling over her flailing through the folded laundry basket looking for her "coos coos" (Blues Clues pj's yesterday!

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