i should....

i should be scrapping.

or sleeping.


'birtday birtday mees mees'

Happy Birthday to my little sister Melissa :)
(sung as 'birtday birtday mees mees' by the little miss lillian)

wasnt it so long ago that we were so cute??
oh, we still arent too bad :)

and somethign fun that my sister sent me via email... a birthday wish to from martha herself :)

Melissa ------
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
----- Forwarded by Melissa ------/NYSL/MSLO on 02/24/2006 04:31 PM -----

Martha Stewart
To: Melissa ------/NYSL/MSLO@MSLO
02/24/2006 04:28 cc:
PM Subject: Tomorrow

Dear Melissa,

I saw on my birthday calendar that tomorrow is your birthday. My very best
wishes to you.

Have a beautiful day.


um... how fun is that??? LOL

Happy birthday Miss!! we love you:) (((HUGS)))


tip of the day #1

if your debit card (or credit card for that matter) wont be accepted while trying to pay for gas or ski rentals... don't just assume that your magnetic strip is going bad, and that you should order a new card in the near future. no, call your bank ASAP... why? well, because...

*someone in turkey may have stolen your card number.
*someone in turkey may be making 3 huge (= $2,000+) debits from your checking account.
*someone in turkey may have a few flat sceen TV's on you.

and you will be waiting a few annoying weeks to pay your bills.


she's ok!

as most of you know, lilly's test results came back fine! just a little extra fatty tissue in that one cheek, but nothing at all to be concerned about!! thank you thank you thank you ALL for all your thoughts and prayers... it was so comforting to know that we had so many people rooting for us during this time! !((HUGS))

here's lilly the 'little martha' in the making... yeah, she made the cake all by herself... hehehe

on to another thought... ive been slacking in the blogging department, my mind is a bit scattered these days, oh everyday really. i thought if i write down blogging ideas in a post... i can look back here when i am blog-idealess... so here is a list to keep me motivated :)

-friend of the day
-learn lilly language
-tips of the day
-MP news (or at least a link to the MP Blog when updated)
-my TV schedule
-cheapo jen stories
-of course, pictures

k... should get me started... ill add more to the list as they pop into my head!


new page

just sent out an email update on miss lilly's testing today... but i thought id share this page that i did as a little scrap therapy yesterday. i actually used my handwriting... which i want to do more. i want to like my handwriting. have a happy weekend!

oh, and there is a $2.00 shipping sale over at MP... go check it out, hurry...it ends this Sunday!! (...as lilly would say 'run!run!run!')


happy valentine's day!

hope you all have a wonderfully happy valentine's day!


MP has a blog!!

...check it out :)

The MP Blog

(and listed in my links on the right as well...)


i've been tagged... by miss valerie

What were you doing 10 years ago?
dave and i had been dating about a year... i was a junior/senior (?) in high school... working at the good old DQ

Five snacks that you enjoy (in no particular order
because all snacks are created equal):

1. salsa and tortilla chips
2. ice cream
3. cheese and crackers
4. chocolate
5. chocolate

Five songs to which you KNOW all the lyrics:

oh geez, i know lots...
1. any song on Playhouse Disney
2. whatta man...teeheee
3. your 'standard' show tunes, thanks to my sister :)
4. bop gun....LOL
5. my music liking is so diverse... youd be shocked at what i know, i shock myself

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1. buy a big comfy practical house
2. buy a boat (that i would name 'ghetto boat-ay')
3. pay off all our loans
4. buy dave a nice car, of his choice
5. save/invest it :)

Five bad habits:
dave has a list a mile long, none of which i agree with

1. being online too much
2. being grumpy too much
3. eating too much
4. is being stubborn a habit?
5. being messy

Five things you like doing:

1. scrapbooking and stamping
2. being a mommy
3. cooking & baking
4. eating
5. listening/signing/'dancing' to music

Five things you would never wear, buy or get again:

1. a bikini (for obvious reasons)
2. film
3. i
4. don't
5. know :(

Five favorite toys:

1. the computer
2. our digi camera
3. my scrapping and stamping stuff
4. my rollarblades (and the jogging stroller)
5. dave's ipod

5 People I am tagging
-and anyone else who hasn't done this yet
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