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just sent out an email update on miss lilly's testing today... but i thought id share this page that i did as a little scrap therapy yesterday. i actually used my handwriting... which i want to do more. i want to like my handwriting. have a happy weekend!

oh, and there is a $2.00 shipping sale over at MP... go check it out, hurry...it ends this Sunday!! (...as lilly would say 'run!run!run!')


erin said...

What a beautiful lo AND little girl. Thinking about you, Dave and Little Miss Lillian.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen. We are so glad everything went well yesterday with Lilly! This layout is so cute that you did. We love those cheeks too! We'll be thinking of all of you. Keep us posted. Take care. Love, Dan and Kelli

Missy said...

Jen this page is gorgeous... and I'm so glad Miss Lilly did well yesterday.

I'm right there with you on the liking your handwriting thing... me too, sister.

Daphne said...

Dear Jen and Dave,
YOU should always use YOUR OWN HANDWRITING!!! LOVE IT!!! Weve been thinking of all of you and saying many prayers! Love your OLD babysitter from BG, Daphne

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