happy birthday to me (and more)

my bday was tuesday.
the best present was at 6:00 in the morning.

lilly crawling into bed with me and singing...

happy birthday mommy.
happy birthday mommy.
happy birthday to mommy.
happy birthday mommy.

unprompted. that was the best :)

then when daddy got home from work she gave me this.

oh my.
she really does melt my heart.

i also got these... from dan & kelli :)

and these... from my lovely sister :)

and these... from dave and the kids :)

and this...
a DQ cake. yumm.
i always forget how good DQ is :)

lilly thought it was quite amusing when she was couting the candles as dave put them on.

"mom? are you only 6?"
yes lilly. plus a few.
then dave says "we don't have enough candles for mommy's cake!"
which lilly found hilarious.

and speaking of bdays... my sister's boyfriend celebrated his bday a bit ago and check out this awesome cupcake that she made for him!!!!!!! there were 11 more... i'll try to get more pics to share soon! because they really are awesome.

i was asked to help with the crafting of a few other parts to his gifts...

and today... is cohen's bday.

the little man is one!!

here we are last year :)

you know there will be more pictures coming soon!

have a SUPER weekend!!


the rest.

here are the rest from the crop in march.
maybe ill get to scrap again someday soon.
or not :)

have a great week everyone!



between earl and the office i have half an hour to stitch (and snip, and iron and tie bows).
and in between all of that i get a little time to blog too!

remember i said that i got to scrap a while ago.
here is some proof.

i think i'll be a very simple scrapper forever.
i am very ok with that!
...and now it is Friday morning :)
have a super weekend everyone!


10 things and a little video

today is a day where i need to list 10 things that make me smile.
because i always have plenty to smile about :)

1. redbox. one dollar movies!! wahooo!! (thanks christine!)
2. great deals at Kroger. spending $47 and saving $41. (thanks krysty!)
3. BIG embroidery orders. embroidery orders period.
4. impromptu cookouts
5. crossing things off my to-do list
6. pudding pies
7. mixed cds
8. lilly finding and loving my old walkman. (i'm not selling mine, that's just a picture i found!)
9. cohen learning how to point
10. infant's motrin

and a video :)
both the kids LOVE talking on the phone.
they ALWAYS make me smile :)

have a great weekend everyone!!

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