happy birthday to me (and more)

my bday was tuesday.
the best present was at 6:00 in the morning.

lilly crawling into bed with me and singing...

happy birthday mommy.
happy birthday mommy.
happy birthday to mommy.
happy birthday mommy.

unprompted. that was the best :)

then when daddy got home from work she gave me this.

oh my.
she really does melt my heart.

i also got these... from dan & kelli :)

and these... from my lovely sister :)

and these... from dave and the kids :)

and this...
a DQ cake. yumm.
i always forget how good DQ is :)

lilly thought it was quite amusing when she was couting the candles as dave put them on.

"mom? are you only 6?"
yes lilly. plus a few.
then dave says "we don't have enough candles for mommy's cake!"
which lilly found hilarious.

and speaking of bdays... my sister's boyfriend celebrated his bday a bit ago and check out this awesome cupcake that she made for him!!!!!!! there were 11 more... i'll try to get more pics to share soon! because they really are awesome.

i was asked to help with the crafting of a few other parts to his gifts...

and today... is cohen's bday.

the little man is one!!

here we are last year :)

you know there will be more pictures coming soon!

have a SUPER weekend!!


Katie said...

happy birthday cohen.

Katie said...

happy birthday jen!

Katie said...

happy birthday jen!

Krysty said...

Happy Belated, Jen and Happy b'day to that little cutie of yours. He's a doll and I can't believe he's 1 already! Love all the flowers that you got...were they speaking your language there?!? :-) And lastly, love the cactus...what is the green part made of? Very cool!

sarah said...

oh! Happy belated birthday Jen! :)

I wanted to let you know I left you a comment in the comment section of my blog - after your comment. whew, that was a lot of "comments". Anyway, YOU are cool. My stalker comment is related to my friends ex-boyfriend...we just didn't want to specifically call him by name in the message - he knows who he is and what he's doing. DRAMA. ;)

So, please keep stopping by! :)

Rorie said...

Wow, looks like you had an awesome birthday. Love what Lilly did. Maybe not at 6AM though. :) Both the cake and cupcake look soooo good!

denise said...

Happy birthday to you and Cohen! Unreal that he's already one! Gorgeous flowers and such a dear card from Lilly:) What a treasure.

Betty said...

Happy late B-day to you and Cohen. Your cake looks fantastic and yummy, beautiful gift from all your family. You have been bless with your family.

Tammy said...

Happy Belated Birthday! All the coolest people were born on April 22 ;) Looks like you had a really nice day and got lots of goodies!

And happy birthday to your little man - interestingly, my dad's birthday is the 24th too. So we share big days on the 22nd AND the 24th. Very cool.

The cupcake - AWESOME. Only a few more years in cake class and maybe we'll be able to do something like that. HA!

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