10 things and a little video

today is a day where i need to list 10 things that make me smile.
because i always have plenty to smile about :)

1. redbox. one dollar movies!! wahooo!! (thanks christine!)
2. great deals at Kroger. spending $47 and saving $41. (thanks krysty!)
3. BIG embroidery orders. embroidery orders period.
4. impromptu cookouts
5. crossing things off my to-do list
6. pudding pies
7. mixed cds
8. lilly finding and loving my old walkman. (i'm not selling mine, that's just a picture i found!)
9. cohen learning how to point
10. infant's motrin

and a video :)
both the kids LOVE talking on the phone.
they ALWAYS make me smile :)

have a great weekend everyone!!


Janelle said...

Adorable! I love the images of Cohen, and also Miss Lilly's giggling in the background! :)

Betty said...

your kids truly made me smile, love the video and great list I need to do it for my blog.

Betty said...

I forgot to say, love the picture of the kids in your profile

Rorie said...

That is so cute, he is adorable!

Krysty said...

What a cutie! It sounds like he's saying "Hi dedee (Daddy)" or trying to say Lilly. Love that little grin of his!

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