late christmas post...

....i've summonded lilly to sit on my lap by playing the OSU hollaback song so that i can post some christmas pics. good thing i dont mind hearing the song over and over and over and over...

our baby girl was a sick little lady for christmas (and a few days before and after the big day)... but she still enjoyed herself. here is a pic of her christmas morning sitting on her new tricycle. (i stink at taking christmas pics... the colors are always bad... and no one is patient enough for playing around with the flash or whatever...)

and here she is wearing her daddy's new O hat... with a nice green boogey and all :) oh you didn't see it? sorry to point that out :)

the O hat reminds me of a funny from last night's bath... lilly loves to lay on her belly and 'swim'. well last night she decided she wanted to do the "O-H-I-O" while on her belly in the tub. it was HILARIOUS... like a little dolphin... she was on her belly reaching her hands over her head, which in turn made her legs curl up torward her head (like some sort of strange yoga move...) on top of this looking hysterical... the position she was in forced out a grunting "Ohhh" in the spelling of "O-H-I-O".... which to lilly is all "O"s anyways. sooo funny :)

ok... that should be enough for now... it you've made it this far in reading and even go further to post a comment your name will be entered in a drawing for something fun!!

hope you all had a merry christmas and have a happy new year!!


best photo reject

so... as most of you know... i take all of lilly's 'portraits'. (the lady at sam's even asked if my pics were professional when i went to pick them up... i took it as a compliment, even though she was subtly accusing me of making illegal copies of someone else's work...lol) i can usually find 1 out of about 70 (or so) shots that i like. well... this year, i did have my favorite...

that's my girl!!

here's the one that we really used :)
amazing... it is the same child...


christmas happies

so.. missy(not my sister missy) requested some christmas pics...
as much as i'd love to take pics of all my fun stuff around my house... i just can't right now... so here are some old school layouts that i hope will do the trick :)

...this is the sweet gingerbread house that dave, my sister and i made for mom a few years back (when the booster was in my belly)... it was ginormous (the gb house), and mom kept it for almost a year...lol.

...here is a LO with a pic of the house that we "ginger-fied"...

...i'm searching for another to share... i may be able to find it, maybe not :(

happy holidays :)


21 questions answered (finally)

thanks to erin and anonymous for playing along with my cheesy game... and shame on the rest of you for not participating!

Erin asks…
1. If you could only have one beauty product, what would it be?
Well… we all know such the beauty queen that I am, I’d have to say chapstick :) or soap…

Anonymous (who seems to be my little sister Melissa) asks…

2. Who is your favorite Muppet and why?
Well, my initial feeling is animal, because I love how he ‘talks’… but after a little thinking… I’d have to say Rizzo the rat… cause he is just so cute with all his little rat friends… especially when they are in little hula skirts :)

3. Best Birthday present ever?
Oh geez… I’m not good at these ‘best ever’ questions… I guess lilly was an early birthday gift, she is a very nice gift :)

4. Do you have any regrets about your past use of potato smashers?
Regrets? Lol… maybe not a regret… how about deeply apologetic :)

5. If you could travel for 1 month on an unlimited budget - where would you go?
Ohhh… to NYC of course to see my sister in some shows :), and then to somewhere warm with clear water beaches

6. Blanket or Comforter?
On a night like tonight... BOTH

7. If you could have something named after you - what would you choose?

Hmmmmm… how about ice cream, or a line of scrapbook paper, or a song.. yeah, a song is good

8. Favorite flavor of Kool-aid?
Although I haven’t had any in about 10 years…. Mountain Berry Punch (isn’t that soooo funny that I remember that?!?)

9. If you had to only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your entire life, where would you shop?
Man… shopping for clothes is about my least favorite thing to do right now… I guess I’d have to say Kohl’s… LOL that cracks me up… (sorry mom)

10. What is your favorite way to have your eggs?

Hard boiled… or scrambled (see im not good at these ‘favorites’…)

11. All time best love song?
Oh goodness… I don’t even know. Dave and I’s first dance song was “Keeper of the Stars” … so I will go with that one. (I won’t tell you that the first one that popped in my head was “I’ll Make Love to You” by Boys to Men, which I would listen to over and over and over back in the day…lol… cause that would be a little embarrassing)

12. Least favorite candy?
Probably those Halloween candies that are chewy and come in the black and orange wrappers… although if they are in front of me I will still eat them…

13. What color underwear are you wearing RIGHT NOW?
White… (thank goodness not my ernie underwear...lol)

14. Favorite alcoholic beverage?
Wine coolers… I think I remember what they taste like

15. If you had to lose one of your 5 senses, which would you choose?
Ohhh… I want all of them for totally selfish reasons… I guess I’d say taste…

16. What is your favorite time of year?
Probably Christmastime... But I could just be saying that cause its that time now

17. Who is the funniest person you know?
Um... My sister, or course! (did you read some of these questions??)

18. What would be the first thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow and found that you had turned into a man?
I would roll over and hope that Dave had turned into a woman :)

19. Tupac or Biggie?
Well, since Snoop isn’t a choice (what’s up with that?)… I would say Tupac for sure.

20. If you had to switch lives with someone you actually know - for only 24 hours - who would it be?
My NY Martha Stewart actress of a sister :) im sure we would both have a fun adventure in each other's shoes...lol

21. How much do you miss your kooky sister?
I miss her very very much…now don't make me cry :(


snow puff

just taking a quick little break to post these fun pictures :) we visited friends in MI over the weekend, and woke to a bit of snow outside. we got lilly's boots the night before and somehow dave just managed to have brought lilly's gear to go outside. i think daddy was more excited than the little snow puff... (sorry the pic is so small... you'll just have to click it to see it closer, i dont have time to fix it right now!!)
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