snow puff

just taking a quick little break to post these fun pictures :) we visited friends in MI over the weekend, and woke to a bit of snow outside. we got lilly's boots the night before and somehow dave just managed to have brought lilly's gear to go outside. i think daddy was more excited than the little snow puff... (sorry the pic is so small... you'll just have to click it to see it closer, i dont have time to fix it right now!!)


ali said...

We love your little snow puff! Josh has been chanting Lilly's name since he saw that picture. I couldn't believe he could tell it was her with just her eyes showing. Looks like you had fun in MI. Lilly made a pretty good snow angel!

Rorie said...

What a little cutie. You definitely won't lose her in that bright green coat! LOL. I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Her first 2005 outdoor snow adventure! We had a beautiful snow angel in our yard !!! I love the green and pink. You are right, it will make some great scrapbook pages. (Got those boots just in time)


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