christmas happies

so.. missy(not my sister missy) requested some christmas pics...
as much as i'd love to take pics of all my fun stuff around my house... i just can't right now... so here are some old school layouts that i hope will do the trick :)

...this is the sweet gingerbread house that dave, my sister and i made for mom a few years back (when the booster was in my belly)... it was ginormous (the gb house), and mom kept it for almost a year...lol.

...here is a LO with a pic of the house that we "ginger-fied"...

...i'm searching for another to share... i may be able to find it, maybe not :(

happy holidays :)


erin said...

I always love seeing your layouts. They are so creative! The gingerbread house LO is amazing! I may need a refesher course on how to scan those lo's in my computer to share. My hope is to do some serious scrapping over the winter break. :)

Missy said...

hooray jen!
if pics are not possible right now... I will take layouts ;)
very very cute.. LOVE LOVE LOVE Them. You got me feeling all christmasy :)

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