beach share #1

we are finally back to the real world after our WONDERFUL vacation to Atlantic Beach, NC.
it was awesome... our 1st official family vacation.
just the 4 of us. we had so much fun.
it was just what we needed.

enjoy the first installment of beach photos :)
of course we took tons of pictures, so ill share them spread out through a few different posts to spare you from a billion pics in one sitting.

this first set will be beachy swimmy pics!!

here are the kids all ready to go to the beach the 1st morning!
im sure it was before 9:00 am :)
we are early birds.

cohen LOVED digging in the sand.
we dug a huge hole each day :)

i took a pic of lilly on the beach in each of her 4 swimsuits for a fun scrapbook page someday. (i tried to do the same for cohen but he wasnt as interested...)the little man... running to the water.
another favorite thing to do at the beach :) LOVE this one ;)
sporting her 'surfboard' (and another swimsuit)hunk-a-hunk-a-white-belly man :)
the boys.
getting some sun.
in the pool.
so nice to have the ocean AND a pool! (3 pools actually!!)
cohen made it his job to rinse the sand off everyone.
we LOVE the beach!!
can't wait to go back :)

coming soon... more beach vacation 2009 blog posts.... food, transportation, signs & art, mock senior pics, beach life, and family portraits :)


{belated} happy father's day :)

our father's day was spent driving home from the beach :)

we actually celebrated father's day 2 weeks ago... with carrot cake and a new cooler for daddy. and a promise to daddy that he gets to go on a mini fishing trip. and a baseball game. and chipotle and ice cream :) a few of the things daddy loves.

we taped these messages well in advance, but are just now getting to share them. just a tad late.

we love you daddy :)

xoxo, L & C



summer is busy.
life is busy.

lilly had safety town this past week.
another wonderful program that makes us very happy to live where we do.

cohen got his first 'real' haircut.
i know i'm his mom, but he is so stinkin cute.
i can barely stand it.


hidden treasure.

you'd never even know it was there...
though we've driven past the sign dozens and dozens of times.
my aunt even told us (a long time ago) that there was a waterfall close by.
we just never got around to visiting.

but we finally did.
and we couldn't believe that we hadn't gone before.
and we were so sad that we just now went after 6 years of living here.

now we know.
and we will be back!
many times.
Cohen shows off his pants right after he 'fell' in the water :)
next time, lilly and i will wear more appropriate shoes.


wedding weekend

we had the pleasure of attending the most beautiful wedding and reception this past weekend.

meet evan and amanda :)

evan is the oldest son of jan and carol.

jan is one of dave's greatest friends.
jan was dave's mentor in college, and they have remained close ever since.
jan was an usher in our wedding.
jan and carol's wedding anniversary is may 26th, the same as ours :)
we love them.

dave and the boys :)
lilly dancing with the groom :)
here's one of me and the little man on the dance floor.
it's not a secret that i LOVE dancing.
particulary at wedding receptions.
i don't think i'd get tired of them even if i got to go to one every weekend.
while mommy enjoyed a few cosmopolitans (Thanks Jan!!)... the kids were in love with this amazing candy buffet.
Ok, so Dave and I loved it too :) SO FUN!! it was absolutely gorgeous (and delicious!)
nothing like a few handfuls of candy at 9 in the evening for a 5 and 2 year old;)
the kids were SO good.
even hours past their bedtime :)
we all had so much fun.
one last photo... a family picture right before we headed home.
jan kept us laughing with his tripod-like stance and potty humor :)
big thanks to evan & amanda, jan & carol for the invitation to share this special day with them!! we had a wonderful time and we continue to be honored to know this family :)
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