hidden treasure.

you'd never even know it was there...
though we've driven past the sign dozens and dozens of times.
my aunt even told us (a long time ago) that there was a waterfall close by.
we just never got around to visiting.

but we finally did.
and we couldn't believe that we hadn't gone before.
and we were so sad that we just now went after 6 years of living here.

now we know.
and we will be back!
many times.
Cohen shows off his pants right after he 'fell' in the water :)
next time, lilly and i will wear more appropriate shoes.


Rorie said...

Isn't it amazing how boys always seem to "accidentally" get wet?
Jen, your kids are growing up so fast!

sarah said...

hidden TREASURE indeed!
how pretty!

arminda said...

It's awesome huh?! :) It's amazing that something like that is tucked away in the middle of the craziness of a big city. Check out my blog to see how big the falls get in the early spring and late fall! :)

denise said...

what a fun treasure to live so close to! just beautiful!

Tammy said...

So pretty. Have you ever taken the kids down to the Hocking Hills? Cedar Falls is really something worth seeing too!

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