why i blog.

Why I blog...

It’s my happy place.

The place where I can share the fun parts of life.
The place where I can share the things that make me smile.
My husband. My kids. Crafty things. Food. Good deals.
I get to share pictures like these…

And I smile. Because I have so much to be happy about.
I am so lucky.
I am so gratefull for all I have.
My family. My friends. My health. My home. Love.

All that being said….
Every now and then, there is a bump.
A Kink. A Hurdle. A Lemon.

And you need a big hug.
And a box of tissue.
And a few bags of chocolate.
And you can't hide that you are sad, and mad, and scared, and worried.

I don’t like to ask for much... but we could use your thoughts and prayers right now.

Everything will be ok.
Things happen for a reason.
Even knowing that and believing that... it's still hard.
Things will be ok.

hugs to you all.


a poll!!

my FIRST ever poll is over there to the right --------------------->
(ok, so now its up and to the right... since i added more posts above this one)

i'm curious as to how my 'readers' are reading my blog!
please take a quick second to let me know!!
(if more than 1 answer works for you... just choose the one that you use most often!)

thanks everyone :)

and just a quick pic.
i like to call it...
'the day we all wore stripes'

happy weekend to you all!


the best kind of weekends.

this weekend was the best kind of weekend :)
we had wanted to go camping. but 38 degree nights with 2 wee ones didn't sound fair to anyone.

so.... here are some pictures of what we did do!!

fall is here :)
have a great week!


true or false.

There is nothing else I should be doing besides blogging right now.

I'm so bored I embroider all day long.

Here are some things I've made in the little snipets of time I have laying around, in which I am able to stay awake.

The BIG totes have been added to the store (as have blankets...)

Details and more pics are up on the LBE blog....

Happy Day to everyone!!


yes, michigan!

we went to the state up north yesterday to visit friends :)

dan and kelli.

got to see kelli's baby belly :) which is adorable.
we got to see dan's hair (that's how lilly said we would know it was dan... "the one with a lot of hair")

it was fun to get away for the day.

we make a QUICK stop to IKEA :)
litterally ran through the store.

cohen jumped.
lilly slid.

even watched a little football. (dan's team played a school who was having some VERY social homecoming festivities going on... all the jumpies, pumpkin decoration, food, face painting... )

a few videos :) (not from this weekend, but recent enough!!)

the red squirrel, and the harmonica man.

Have a happy week everyone :)


13 years

dave always laughs at me for remembering days like this... but today is our 13 year dating anniversary.

13 years ago today, he 'asked me out'... over the phone.

im having trouble finding the exact picture that i wanted to share... the 1st picture we ever had taken, but there is a snip of it in this post from a while back... the 1st picture in the set. if you click the picture once you get there, it'll get larger for you to see a close up :)

little did we know that 13 years later... our 4 year old would be taking a picture of us before heading out to her pre-school curriculum night :) (with the little man in the corner)

happy 'anniversay' sweetie boy ;)


the news!

One happy excited Jen.
Click this image to see why :)

You can check this one out too...


The hard work and waiting is always worth it.
Thanks to all of you who have already made this possible!!

Happy weekend :)



im waiting for...

something new.
something BIG.
something happy.
something that ive been 'working my keester off' on.

im trying to be patient, but i use all the patience i have during the day :) ill share the excitement soon... hopefully in the next day or two!

in the meantime, enjoy some self portaits...

o happy day :)
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