13 years

dave always laughs at me for remembering days like this... but today is our 13 year dating anniversary.

13 years ago today, he 'asked me out'... over the phone.

im having trouble finding the exact picture that i wanted to share... the 1st picture we ever had taken, but there is a snip of it in this post from a while back... the 1st picture in the set. if you click the picture once you get there, it'll get larger for you to see a close up :)

little did we know that 13 years later... our 4 year old would be taking a picture of us before heading out to her pre-school curriculum night :) (with the little man in the corner)

happy 'anniversay' sweetie boy ;)


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sweetie girl I do laugh at you for remembering this but as it turns out it was one of the best things that I HAVE EVER DONE...and I lvoe you more and more every day!

Love you


Rorie said...

Happy, happy "anniversary!" :)

Krysty said...

Love the first pics of you guys...you guys looked SOOOO young. Not that you still don't, I just cant' imagine you guys then! Glad that you remember and still take pictures!! It was the start of something awesome, that 1st phone call!

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

Congratulations! Now, this is really wierd ... Paul and I were married 13 years ago on Sept. 23, 1995. And, we celebrated 18 years of dating on July 29, 1990. So, only great couples remember their dating anniversarys! :-) By the way, it was great seeing your parents at the beginning of Sept. They havent changed a bit; they certainly inspire Paul and I! Love your family so much!

The Massaro's

Mary said...

13 years! How did we get that 'old'? You two are still cute as ever!

Tammy said...

Congratulations!! 13 years. Wow! That's wonderful. And I think it's great you remember the date - Chris and I had our 16 year dating anniversary last month :)

Anonymous said...

so cute! happy dating anniversary! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend! Miss you all a lot!


Anonymous said...

I love your wedding pic with the bubbles! How fun! That was a good idea. We did fire works at the end. You'll have to ask Krysty about that. We have video with her holding about 10 of them at once!!! Congrats on being together 13 years!!!

arminda said...

Aww happy anniversary! :) I remember our dating anniversary too! So fun!

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