true or false.

There is nothing else I should be doing besides blogging right now.

I'm so bored I embroider all day long.

Here are some things I've made in the little snipets of time I have laying around, in which I am able to stay awake.

The BIG totes have been added to the store (as have blankets...)

Details and more pics are up on the LBE blog....

Happy Day to everyone!!


erin said...

Lilly looks so cute in that first pic! Love the OSU shirt and the big totes are calling my name!

ali said...

That first picture of Lilly looks like it could go in a magazine!

I love your new stuff!

Anonymous said...

super cute!


April said...

love lilly's shirt! i'm gonna place an order for a large tote very soon...i'm desperately in need of a "cool" teacher bag!

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