hair feather

i read somewhere once...
that it is good to let your kids participate in fads. and trends.
even if you think they are ridulous.
(as long as they are safe of course...)

the leather jacket. the silk shirt. pegging the jeans. an ID bracelet. permed hair.
i could go on. i got to do them.
(my parents probably thought those were ridiculous.)

lilly hasnt run into too many trends yet.
(that she's expressed interest in anyway.)
beyond the silly bands.  which is now over.

but then came...
 the feather in the hair.
(which i find a tad silly.)
(which proves just how uncool and unstylish i am.)
she really doesnt beg or whine to get anything.
she really is content with what she does have.
for that we are so grateful and proud.
im not about to spend $10 to have a feather put in her hair.
but lucky for lilly...
daddy is a fly fisherman.
and he ties his own flies.
and he just so happens to have a case full of feathery things.
so maybe the feather thing isnt so bad afterall...
especially when daddy is your beautician :)


october 6th, 1995

october 6th a long long time ago...
this handsome young boy asked me out over the phone.
how could i resist?
i couldn't.
16 years later, and he is still hard to resist.
thank you for being my best friend.
i love you sweetie boy.


Happy Bday LBE!

my little shop...
... turned 3 this weekend!

I've decided not to host our annual Holiday Open House this year...
(mainly due to the state of my pregnantness.)

to celebrate LBE's birthday...
I am having a little bday sale :)

-Take $2.00 off all designs for bibs and burps!
(That makes many designs FREE!)

-Applique onesies and bibs are $2.00 off!

-Blankets are $2.00 off!

Make it a set and save a lot!!

*This sale is for one week only, orders must be placed by
Saturday, October 8th, 2011 to receive discounts.* 
Thank you to so many people who have made Little Bean Embroidery grow!
I so appreciate your love and support!


facebook rejections

-My cell phone doing the low battery beep in the middle of the night = annoying.

-I have no bagels.

-Note to self: Next time you need to freeze bananas for a recipe… peel them before you freeze them.

-if you are going to complain about something... you'd better make sure that you aren't guilty of doing that something yourself. (i'm sure i'm guilty of both... but i'm also the 1st to admit it if i realize it.)

-sometimes it’s really hard to do something you don’t want to do.

-it’s a good thing there are no m&ms in this house right now.

-Why there is a diaper bag that costs one hundred and sixty-nine dollars, I will never know.
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