facebook rejections

-My cell phone doing the low battery beep in the middle of the night = annoying.

-I have no bagels.

-Note to self: Next time you need to freeze bananas for a recipe… peel them before you freeze them.

-if you are going to complain about something... you'd better make sure that you aren't guilty of doing that something yourself. (i'm sure i'm guilty of both... but i'm also the 1st to admit it if i realize it.)

-sometimes it’s really hard to do something you don’t want to do.

-it’s a good thing there are no m&ms in this house right now.

-Why there is a diaper bag that costs one hundred and sixty-nine dollars, I will never know.


Anonymous said...

These are all good. John posts a lot of things he thinks. Well then again maybe he shouldn't do that either. Maybe he should blog.


Katy Cameron said...

$169?! Good grief, the ones I designed to sell I was only going to put up at $70!

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