hair feather

i read somewhere once...
that it is good to let your kids participate in fads. and trends.
even if you think they are ridulous.
(as long as they are safe of course...)

the leather jacket. the silk shirt. pegging the jeans. an ID bracelet. permed hair.
i could go on. i got to do them.
(my parents probably thought those were ridiculous.)

lilly hasnt run into too many trends yet.
(that she's expressed interest in anyway.)
beyond the silly bands.  which is now over.

but then came...
 the feather in the hair.
(which i find a tad silly.)
(which proves just how uncool and unstylish i am.)
she really doesnt beg or whine to get anything.
she really is content with what she does have.
for that we are so grateful and proud.
im not about to spend $10 to have a feather put in her hair.
but lucky for lilly...
daddy is a fly fisherman.
and he ties his own flies.
and he just so happens to have a case full of feathery things.
so maybe the feather thing isnt so bad afterall...
especially when daddy is your beautician :)


Katy Cameron said...

Hee hee, go Daddy!

Lesley said...

I love this. A) daddy did it. B) Lilly gets to express herself and C) that you are also confused by this fad. When I got my hair cut last (which was the first time in 8 months let me tell you) the girl asked if I wanted a feather. WHAT!? NO! I'm lucky if I dry it- a feather!? NO. So I don't get it- but I'm glad Lilly does and she's cute with it. FLY GIRL FLY :)

Love.Peace.Happiness said...

I hate trends as well; this is why I still have an old fashioned television! But, I do love these pictures of Lilly and her Dad! So sweet and less expensive then going to the beauty shoppe and paying an arm, leg and no pictures of Daddy putting a feather in your hair! You did a great job photographing the event!!

arminda said...

My neighbor came over the other evening to show me her feather and that her 3 year old got one too. I've never heard of putting "feathers" in your hair like this. Oops. I guess I will miss out on a lot of fads with my kids not being in school. :) Glad Lilly got her style on.

sarah said...

i don't really "get" the fad. but i think it's totally adorable that her daddy granted her wish!

Katie said...

Well it's not for me but I recall a similar style where they almost friendship braceleted hair in the 90s

Mary said...


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