growing up in the tech world.
pretty rough.


600 post answers part 1

Ok, so it’s only about a month later before I finally get around to answering some of these questions you asked :) (that may answer a few of your questions in itself!)

To the questions!!

Do you want another boy or girl? will you find out what the baby is beforehand or "patiently" wait for the surprise at birth?

Yes please… we will take one or the other :) Either way we are good. Well, I am good... Dave and Cohen would love another boy. Lilly would like a sister. (But I know they will all be happy with whichever we are blessed with.) I’m super excited to find out which gender will be majority in our family... but we will wait till delivery to find out :) That is the best surprise in all the world. And the one surprise I actually like in life :)

Compared to your first 2 pregnancies and deliveries, is there anything you know you will do again? Anything you know you will do totally different?

My first 2 pregnancies and deliveries were pretty much awesome, and I would be blessed to have a repeat the 3rd time around. One thing I am doing differently this time around is exercising (which I never did before). So I am anxious to see if that helps out anywhere… namely in the ‘trying not to grow a 10 pound baby’ department :). Another thing I am really doing different too, is truly enjoying this pregnancy as being my last. Not that I didn’t enjoy the other 2 pregnancies, as I really did… but this time, I have a totally different and appreciative mentality. Another thing I may do differently, is camp out in the hospital parking lot the week I am due :) Besides that, I feel like I am doing most things the same. I will definitely go with the flow of my labor, and let my body tell me what I need to do to enjoy the process. No shame in another epidural...

Can you come here and make me dinner? You can bring the family.

Oh Katy! I am not much for traveling… but if I ever do venture across that big pond, I would LOVE to make you dinner!!

Do you wanna come to Indy for a weekend? We have only the worlds best children's museum and for a very limited time I have guest bedroom?

That does sound fun Katie! I’ve been known to make random spur of the moment plans… so this may actually happen someday. Thanks for the invite ;)

Do u think this will b your last baby? Are u feeling the same or different than ur last pregnancies?

Oh yes. I most definitely think this will be our last :) (Though I’m sure crazier things have happened… and I'm not about to jinx myself.) We are already feeling happily complete with this little one on the way! And... so far, I am feeling more similar to my pregnancy with Lilly, minus the ability to nap at any given moment ;) But I still have a ways to go, so we will see!!

alright! that's the first set of answers :) more to come...


2011 garden!

the 2011 garden :)
 how sweet is it to have fresh home grown
no pesticide added food growing in your own backyard?
pretty darn sweet.
 and our little city farmers make it even better :)
special thanks to my awesome husband who makes this garden possible!
(i pretty much just pick, prepare, serve, and eat what he grows ;)
"wholly cow! look how big already!!"
and here is what our gardens grow...
tomatoes (of a billion varietes)
snap peas
snow peas
green peppers
red peppers
jalepeno peppers
banana peppers
acorn squash
(oh and forgot these ones too...)
(and our fruit trees :)

and how does our garden grow?
good top soil, manure, lots of sun, water.
good plants from whole foods and cooley's greenhouse.
and a really good farmer.


summertime 2011

here it is!
our summer 2011 list :)
we've already marked a few boxes off...
and hope to cross off many more over the next few months :)
(click the pic for a close up ;)
happy summer!!


600 post winner!!

hey all :)
THANK YOU to all who took time to comment with a question :) (((HUGS)))
and thank goodness for my children... this video is halfway entertaining.
(winner: i will be in touch with you :)

and i will answer all of the questions in future blog posts.
sooner or later.
in all my free time :)


more fb loners

i could have put these up on my facebook page.
but i didn't ;)

-I will not. I repeat. Will not. Eat more than one everything bagel with cream cheese a day.

-Wow. That bag of dark chocolate peanut m&ms lasted 24 and one half hours.

-Who let the dogs out?

-My husband really appreciates my sarcasm.

-Oh Nutella. You do not know what you do to me. Oh wait. Yes you do. You grow me 10-pound babies.


congratulations kyle and megan!!

dave's (hockey) buddy kyle got married a few weekends ago.
and dave was honored to be part of the wedding party.
look how handsome :)
the hockey stick tunnel was dave's idea.
(why we didn't have this at our wedding... i am not sure.)
 the new mr. and mrs.
lilly felt soooo special that megan let her hold her bouquet!
and just to prove i was there :)
sweet day also made an appearance....
(this was our gift to the newlyweds :)
megan and kyle had the most amazing photographer!!
(including a few more with my handsome hubby...)
this one though, i had to share here :)
they are both mid air.
 how i love my sweet littles :)

and can you spot lilly in this one??

congratulations kyle and megan!



this is my 600th post.
400 went by.
500 went by.
but this time i caught it.

ive gotten some crap about this blog.
but ive gotten lots more love. and that's what counts.

so. to celebrate.
a drawing.
the winner will win cookies. or embroidery. or a meal. what the heck.
the winner will have some choice... depending on where you live :)

to enter.
ask me a question. 
(so that i may have some future blogging material.)

big hugs to all my faithful followers.
those who appreciate this little blog of mine.
i appreciate you. a lot.



it's official!
summer is here :)
 and here are a few 'self portraits' to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.
someday we will get fancy pics... for now, these will do.
 happy weekend!!
(and thank you for all the congrats on my last post ;)


oh happy day :)

what are these 2 smiling about?
we will be a family of 5 this winter :)
and yes. we are all very very very excited!!
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