600 post winner!!

hey all :)
THANK YOU to all who took time to comment with a question :) (((HUGS)))
and thank goodness for my children... this video is halfway entertaining.
(winner: i will be in touch with you :)

and i will answer all of the questions in future blog posts.
sooner or later.
in all my free time :)


Katie said...

Love the new do!

Mary said...

Love the video. Lilly's facial expressions cracked me up! Lots of baby questions out there. I too want to know, are you going to find out the sex of #3?

sarah said...

adorable! congrats to the winner. my finger were crossed i'd win, and i could sweet talk you into shipping me cookies ;)

Anonymous said...

Jen, Is that short hair and no ponytail?? Yea!! Love, Aunt T
PS: the kids are cute too. :)

Sam said...

Your kids are da bomb.

And congrats to the winner. I'm super jealous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

Can't wait to see your answers to the questions.... and that was so nice of you to offer a drawing for your readers. Maybe one of these times I will win! =)


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