more fb loners

i could have put these up on my facebook page.
but i didn't ;)

-I will not. I repeat. Will not. Eat more than one everything bagel with cream cheese a day.

-Wow. That bag of dark chocolate peanut m&ms lasted 24 and one half hours.

-Who let the dogs out?

-My husband really appreciates my sarcasm.

-Oh Nutella. You do not know what you do to me. Oh wait. Yes you do. You grow me 10-pound babies.


chloƫ. said...

LOL...my husband might need to repeat the comment about everything bagels. Love these posts, haha...

Rorie said...

Mmm. Nutella. And bagels with cream cheese....I think I'm hungry. :)

Jen said...

Hahaha, amen to the Nutella, it's wonderful stuff.
I agree with Rorie...preeeetty much hungry now, lol.

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