2011 garden!

the 2011 garden :)
 how sweet is it to have fresh home grown
no pesticide added food growing in your own backyard?
pretty darn sweet.
 and our little city farmers make it even better :)
special thanks to my awesome husband who makes this garden possible!
(i pretty much just pick, prepare, serve, and eat what he grows ;)
"wholly cow! look how big already!!"
and here is what our gardens grow...
tomatoes (of a billion varietes)
snap peas
snow peas
green peppers
red peppers
jalepeno peppers
banana peppers
acorn squash
(oh and forgot these ones too...)
(and our fruit trees :)

and how does our garden grow?
good top soil, manure, lots of sun, water.
good plants from whole foods and cooley's greenhouse.
and a really good farmer.


Katie said...

Looks awesome I wish my garden was bigger!

chloë. said...

If you have any extras you're just dying to get rid of, you know where to send 'em ;)

sarah said...

looks awesome jen!

i so wish i had a place with room for a garden. i was thinking about renting a community garden space, but didn't get my act together in time this year. i did plant carrots at my grandpa's house and i plan to visit my favorite local farm stand a ton this season.

hooray for homegrown fruits + veggies!

Rorie said...

Mmm, I love home-grown produce. Tastes sooo much better that what you buy at the grocery store. Way to go on your successful garden! :)

Katy Cameron said...

Waaa, I want your garden! I actually don't have one, just whatever I can grow on a window ledge, but one day, when I'm grown up, I might have a real life garden with fruit and veg in it. One day...

Anonymous said...

Looks good! Caden and Dan have a garden this year too! How fun and delicious!


Sam said...

Looks great, Jen. Those peas are loaded with blooms. Wow!

Your kids have the best expressions!

arminda said...

Oh my. My garden looks really wimpy now. :p I thought I'd be so cool and start with seeds and I think the soil was too cool for so long that everything got such a late start. Next year I'm buying plants from the farmer's market for sure. And we are going to start composting too. And can we borrow Dave? ;) Maybe you could have him do a guest post on here sharing all of his gardening tips?? Please??! ;)

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