600 post answers part 1

Ok, so it’s only about a month later before I finally get around to answering some of these questions you asked :) (that may answer a few of your questions in itself!)

To the questions!!

Do you want another boy or girl? will you find out what the baby is beforehand or "patiently" wait for the surprise at birth?

Yes please… we will take one or the other :) Either way we are good. Well, I am good... Dave and Cohen would love another boy. Lilly would like a sister. (But I know they will all be happy with whichever we are blessed with.) I’m super excited to find out which gender will be majority in our family... but we will wait till delivery to find out :) That is the best surprise in all the world. And the one surprise I actually like in life :)

Compared to your first 2 pregnancies and deliveries, is there anything you know you will do again? Anything you know you will do totally different?

My first 2 pregnancies and deliveries were pretty much awesome, and I would be blessed to have a repeat the 3rd time around. One thing I am doing differently this time around is exercising (which I never did before). So I am anxious to see if that helps out anywhere… namely in the ‘trying not to grow a 10 pound baby’ department :). Another thing I am really doing different too, is truly enjoying this pregnancy as being my last. Not that I didn’t enjoy the other 2 pregnancies, as I really did… but this time, I have a totally different and appreciative mentality. Another thing I may do differently, is camp out in the hospital parking lot the week I am due :) Besides that, I feel like I am doing most things the same. I will definitely go with the flow of my labor, and let my body tell me what I need to do to enjoy the process. No shame in another epidural...

Can you come here and make me dinner? You can bring the family.

Oh Katy! I am not much for traveling… but if I ever do venture across that big pond, I would LOVE to make you dinner!!

Do you wanna come to Indy for a weekend? We have only the worlds best children's museum and for a very limited time I have guest bedroom?

That does sound fun Katie! I’ve been known to make random spur of the moment plans… so this may actually happen someday. Thanks for the invite ;)

Do u think this will b your last baby? Are u feeling the same or different than ur last pregnancies?

Oh yes. I most definitely think this will be our last :) (Though I’m sure crazier things have happened… and I'm not about to jinx myself.) We are already feeling happily complete with this little one on the way! And... so far, I am feeling more similar to my pregnancy with Lilly, minus the ability to nap at any given moment ;) But I still have a ways to go, so we will see!!

alright! that's the first set of answers :) more to come...


Jen said...

Awww, this was sweet. :) I applaud you for holding out to know the gender til delivery! I can't imagine how cool that is.

Anonymous said...

We thought Rachel was our last baby. LOL. God showed us didn't he??
Aunt T

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