congratulations kyle and megan!!

dave's (hockey) buddy kyle got married a few weekends ago.
and dave was honored to be part of the wedding party.
look how handsome :)
the hockey stick tunnel was dave's idea.
(why we didn't have this at our wedding... i am not sure.)
 the new mr. and mrs.
lilly felt soooo special that megan let her hold her bouquet!
and just to prove i was there :)
sweet day also made an appearance....
(this was our gift to the newlyweds :)
megan and kyle had the most amazing photographer!!
(including a few more with my handsome hubby...)
this one though, i had to share here :)
they are both mid air.
 how i love my sweet littles :)

and can you spot lilly in this one??

congratulations kyle and megan!

1 comment:

Katie said...

love a good wedding. Great photos of the kids coming thru the tunnel.

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