baby names

lay them on me please...

we 'think' we are set on a boy name...
a girl name? not so much. ive been through just about every baby book and baby name website, and am getting to the frustrated 'i need to cry' point.

so here is what i am asking for, if you are up for it... list your parents, and grandparents first and middle,and last/maiden names (if youd like.. we like the whole surname idea too.) we LOVE the 'old' names... but are looking for all our options.

here is the list of names from our families... mine are in alphabetical order, just because :) (they look more separate that way... and im not showing family favoritism... lol.) there are a few, but not too many we like out of here... lol.


Can't wait to see the names you share!!


no title really.

we took a weekend getaway to spend some time with just the '3' of us before the baby comes. lilly had a blast :) swimming, playing, watching movies, and eating out. mommy and daddy had fun too :)

trying to get some tax stuff around for MP. need to get that done. soon! speaking of MP, if you havent seen already... there is a drawing for a FREE set of MP stamps on the MP blog through the end of the month. all you have to do is leave a comment there. (and spread the word!)

im listening to american idol right now...
taping Friday Night Lights upstairs.
still have last week's OC to watch on tape.

if i werent so cheap, id do the TiVO/DVR thing...
but, you know me.
why spend money when the good old fashioned VCR works :)

we will have lots of tape recorded things to watch this weekend.
sounds like a nice date.



if you can help it at all...

do not be pregnant with braces.

it's really not fun.

that's my public service announcement of the day.


snowy valentine's day

here is the last of the 5 layouts that i did the other weekend...

lilly and daddy are enjoying the snow right now.
we got about 7 inches of snow mixed with about 5 hours of 'icy' mix.
dave's trying to shovel out the snow drift in front of our driveway so cars dont get stuck.

its nice living on a cal-de-sac, but not when they dont plow the road.
and not when they do plow it, they leave a huge wall in front of your driveway.


just getting frustrated.
about what?
little things.
little things that dont really matter, but still... frustrate me.

-like our NICE digital camera giving us issues.
-our digital camcorder just losing the screen picture. (after already sending it in for 'repair' for about $150)
-the dishwaher leaking... again.
-the basement wall cracking and needing a few thousand dollars worth of repair.
-needing to get 4 bands put back in between my teech, cause they all fell out (the bands not my teeth). those bands hurt more than the braces.
-and what is up with the HUGE spaces on this new blogger. really, wasn't the old blogger just fine? (well, i might have just fixed it...)

ah... but really, those things arent important. just frustrating.

valentine's day, was nice :)
another day off of school, which means another mommy, lilly, fin day :)

made a yummy yummy cake.
made some yummy weight watchers chinese recipes.
gave a fun gift, which i will get to share later :)



sunday sunday.

not feeling so hot this weekend.
but trying to be not so grumpy anyways.
im sure dave would not agree :)

got 2 good naps in, which i LOVE.

lilly's been the little crafter for the past several days.

wanting to go downstairs and 'scrapbup' with mommy.
not that id be able to concentrate on scrapping with an almost 3 year old, but its nice to think about.
right now, she is cutting with her new 'big girl' scissors. and doing pretty good!
here's the little lady in action the other morning, using my square punch :)

the best story out of that was when she held up a little blue triangle that she mananged to cut out and says...

"Look mama! I made panties!"

here are 2 more LOs that i did the other weekend...
still have 1 more to scan. ill get to that eventually.

so... thats all for now.
hope eveyone has a great week!

hopefully ill be back by valentines day to share pics of some fun things i have planned.


wednesday night.

just waiting for our shows to come on.
LOST is on tonight :) yeah!

3 days in a row of no school... which means lilly and i have been on our own this week.
ive been enjoying some nice nap time :)

we actually got some real snow!
so nice to have snow with the cold weather :)

made 2 batches on mini cheesecake dessets today.
screwed the 1st batch up, so i had to make another.
the recipe called for 2 3oz. blocks of cream cheese.
not 2 8 oz. blocks.
um hello. is there such thing as a 3 oz. block of cream cheese?

and the latest of the belly pics.
now its easier for me to 'see' why my hips hurt :)


i scrapped!

I am so excited!
I scrapped yesterday :)
5 whole pages.

It was so nice to have some 'me' time.
It was nice to have a friend over in the evening :)
Some creative time.
Some adult interaction time.

I need to do that more often :)

Finally got to use my new MP Amphion stamps!!
...and a fun piece of paper that i got in NYC back in May!

This one is of miss Lilly's 1st time out on the ice :)

Hope eveyone has had a nice weekend, and you are staying warm.
The weather is a tad chilly around here.

Have a great week!!


the RAKs go to....

Thanks to all who commented for my first RAK offering!

Here are the results....

A. Ali

B. Denise

D. Kelli

E. Judy

CONGRATS ladies!
I hope to get them out soon :)
Watch your mailboxes...

I also hope to do this little RAK/drawing every now and again... and for those of you with blogs, I encourage you to spread the RAK love and host a little RAK/drawing yourself. We all have stuff that we don't 'need', but we don't want to 'throw' away either... why not find a new loving home for that stuff?

For those of you without blogs... I encourage you to send a card to a friend or family member... just out of the blue. It makes everyone smile. And smiling is good :)

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