snowy valentine's day

here is the last of the 5 layouts that i did the other weekend...

lilly and daddy are enjoying the snow right now.
we got about 7 inches of snow mixed with about 5 hours of 'icy' mix.
dave's trying to shovel out the snow drift in front of our driveway so cars dont get stuck.

its nice living on a cal-de-sac, but not when they dont plow the road.
and not when they do plow it, they leave a huge wall in front of your driveway.


just getting frustrated.
about what?
little things.
little things that dont really matter, but still... frustrate me.

-like our NICE digital camera giving us issues.
-our digital camcorder just losing the screen picture. (after already sending it in for 'repair' for about $150)
-the dishwaher leaking... again.
-the basement wall cracking and needing a few thousand dollars worth of repair.
-needing to get 4 bands put back in between my teech, cause they all fell out (the bands not my teeth). those bands hurt more than the braces.
-and what is up with the HUGE spaces on this new blogger. really, wasn't the old blogger just fine? (well, i might have just fixed it...)

ah... but really, those things arent important. just frustrating.

valentine's day, was nice :)
another day off of school, which means another mommy, lilly, fin day :)

made a yummy yummy cake.
made some yummy weight watchers chinese recipes.
gave a fun gift, which i will get to share later :)



ali said...

Sorry about all of your frustrations - Yuck!!!

I can't wait to hear about your Valentine's Day present...

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am so sorry to hear about all the NOT SO FUN STUFF going on right now! That stinks! I can see why you would be frustrated!! I would be too! But.. I am glad you had a nice Valentine's Day!! I did too - just got back from my massage! When you can... you know I would love for you to share all those yummy recipes you keep telling us about. They are making me hungry! Have a good weekend! I get Monday off!!! YEAH!


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