wednesday night.

just waiting for our shows to come on.
LOST is on tonight :) yeah!

3 days in a row of no school... which means lilly and i have been on our own this week.
ive been enjoying some nice nap time :)

we actually got some real snow!
so nice to have snow with the cold weather :)

made 2 batches on mini cheesecake dessets today.
screwed the 1st batch up, so i had to make another.
the recipe called for 2 3oz. blocks of cream cheese.
not 2 8 oz. blocks.
um hello. is there such thing as a 3 oz. block of cream cheese?

and the latest of the belly pics.
now its easier for me to 'see' why my hips hurt :)


Denise said...

Got me some real fun mail today:) Thanks for the RAK treat Jen!

You look too too cute your little belly:) When are you due?

erin said...

Will you please save some of those mini cheesecakes for me please? :)

Super cute photos!

ali said...

Lilly's face looks so cute in the belly button picture!!

Rorie said...

Ooo, share the recipe for the mini-cheesecake dessert. Sounds yummy.
I absolutely love that belly pic where Lilly's pointing to your belly button. So cute!

Janelle said...

LOVE those pics! Wish I could've been that cute when I was pregnant... LOL!

Cheesecake... mmmmmmm.....:)

Katiepops said...

You have the most beautiful baby belly~ :)

Katie Jones said...

cute photos Jen! I can't wait to meet little Fin!

Anonymous said...

Jen, you look adorable! I hope that I look that good someday when I am pregnant! Lilly is going to be a great big sister!


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