sunday sunday.

not feeling so hot this weekend.
but trying to be not so grumpy anyways.
im sure dave would not agree :)

got 2 good naps in, which i LOVE.

lilly's been the little crafter for the past several days.

wanting to go downstairs and 'scrapbup' with mommy.
not that id be able to concentrate on scrapping with an almost 3 year old, but its nice to think about.
right now, she is cutting with her new 'big girl' scissors. and doing pretty good!
here's the little lady in action the other morning, using my square punch :)

the best story out of that was when she held up a little blue triangle that she mananged to cut out and says...

"Look mama! I made panties!"

here are 2 more LOs that i did the other weekend...
still have 1 more to scan. ill get to that eventually.

so... thats all for now.
hope eveyone has a great week!

hopefully ill be back by valentines day to share pics of some fun things i have planned.


Rorie said...

Can't wait to see what you have planned for v-day. LOL on the panties! :)

ali said...

She is toooooo funny!

Debra said...

Too cutie!!! Can't wait to see your Valentine ideas!! :)

rmeyfe said...

cute story!!

Janelle said...

LOL, how cute! She's such a darling little scrapper-wannabe!

Sibylle said...

cute panty story. lol
Love the stinky daddy layout, the colors and design are great.

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