happy halloween

...i only made a few of these to send out this year, so i thought i'd share here :) have a good day... and be on the lookout for lilly halloween pics soon!


go bucks

...because my precious little one has requested this song, now 5 times in a row, i only thought it kind enough to share with the rest of you...

  • Hollaback Girl - The OSU Remix
  • 10.26.2005

    my words

    ...these are most of miss lilly's words... we kept thinking of more so there are about 20 or 30 that i hand wrote on the back :)

    ...yes, i stamped all the words. why? because i wanted to.
    ...am i crazy? yes... but, i love this layout so it was worth all the time and the boo-boo. yes, a scrapbooking injury. a little tiny blister on my pointer finger. my daughter will thank me someday :)


    yummy recipes

    here are 2 recipe layouts that i made for a few recipe swaps... they are very tasty if i do say so myself... enjoy :)

    p.s.if you want to try them out, click on the image, and they will get big enough to read the actual recipe


    little jen

    ...at the request of kelli, here is a picture of little me. im not sure of the exact age, but i'd guess in the 15 month range. i'd say there is a bit of a resemblance of lilly here too :) this is one of my favorite pictures ever... me and my grandpa finley :)


    little dave

    ...we may call lilly 'little dave'... but here is the 'real' little dave at the wee age of 15 months :) he has the same haircut and everything! looks a bit like miss lillian, don't you think?

    p.s. nice pants sweetie boy :)


    and the winner is

    ...the winner of my first ever 'raffle' is.... erika!! congrats (I see you posted below and I am glad they arrived safely... enjoy!)
    stay tuned for more posts, pictures, and maybe another game or something... you never know what i will think of next.

    here are a few new pictures of the little booster just for the fun of it :) i was trying my darndest to take a picture of her that looked like she was talking (for a scrapbook page i am working on)... oh well, we got a few good ones... and then i got the "mommy, will you please stop taking pictures" picture :) oh... someday she will thank me for being a photo crazy mom :)


    raffle time

    ....some lucky person is going to receive these cute little cards in the mail! who? well, i don't know yet... for each day you posted a comment on my blog thus far, you get one 'ticket'. when miss lilly wakes up from her nap, she will be drawing a name :) good luck!! and check back for the winner :) oh... and watch for more fun giveaways... every now and then i'm in a good mood... teehee.


    the loot

    ...thanks to my awesome aunt for finding my 2 favorite things in one(a garage sale, with scrap stuff!) i got all these goodies for under $20... yahoo! how cool is that? the paper was 8 cents a sheet and everthing else was 75% off... pretty close to a scrapbookers' heaven :)


    sign in!

    ...ok everyone... are you reading this? if so... you must sign in! it is the law. no ifs, ands, or butts about it (and yes... that is 'butts' with 2 't's) ... nothing complicated, just say "hey! i'm here!"

    "but jen, how do i leave you a message?"

    oh... great question! see below my post were it says something like... 'posted by jen at 12:34 pm 1000 comments'? well, just click on the "comments" part, and wallah... it should be self explanitory from there :)

    if you managed to read through this entire post, and you still do not sign in... well then, you are stalking me. if that is the case... lilly will do to you what she did to this cracker!


    80 pounds of toddler

    ...is pulling 80 pounds of toddler (in a wagon, all around the neighborhood) considered a form of excersize? if so... i had a good workout today :)


    girly shoes

    ...my most recently completed layout (and i even used my new stamps!!)


    (san)deal of the week

    not that we will need sandals anymore this year (who knows... this is ohio) but lilly's long little chubby feet were getting uncomfortably squished in the sandals we had used all summer. now, normally i would head out garage saling in search of some barely worn sandals, that someone spent way too much money on and now has to sell to me for a dollar... but garage sale season is coming to an end. so... we go to kohls, find a pair clearanced for 1/2 off of $14.99 (regularly priced $29.99)... so $7.50. not bad, but i've found better. we get the sandals home and realize they are much much too big... and who knows if they will work next year. so, a few days later... off to another {nicer} kohls to return them and see what else we can find. it is our lucky day... dave finds the same exact sandals, in the exact size for lilly's piggies... and even better? they are 1/2 off their clearance price of... $5.00! yahooooo..... $2.50.... i wouldn't have paid that at a garage sale, but hey... i can't be too picky while shopping for sandals in october :)


    we call her 'little dave'

    so, you think lilly looks just like her mommy? these pictures might make you think again. although she does look a tad like me, there are a few good reasons why one of her many nicknames is 'little dave'. (you might want to click on the picture to get a better view... )


    pumpkin patch

    ...we went to the pumpkin patch last night. do you think miss lilly is the first child to ever 'ride' a pumpkin? she's a little Cinderella in the making. her favorite part of the night was leading 2 toddlers and 4 adults through the corn maze... squealing and running like she knew exactly where she was going :)


    10 years together :)

    today dave and i celebrate our 10 year 'dating' anniversary. well, i guess we don't really celebrate it anymore, but i do remember this day... october 6th! happy anniversary sweetie boy!!

    p.s. lilly says she would like to take you to a blue jackets game sometime soon... in honor of her daddy asking her mommy out (over the phone...hehehe) 10 years ago today!


    my first post

    ok.. here it is! my very first post... i thought the whole idea of this blog thing sounded fun, so why not try it out? there are so many aesthetically pleasing blogs out there... it's hard not to want one! not sure if mine will be so pretty to look at, but hey... oh well! nothing exciting to report at the moment, just trying to figure out what i want to accomplish. let's see if i can post a picture of one of my newest pages. if you can see it, i hope you enjoy! i'm sure you'll be seeing lots of this little lady around here...
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