raffle time

....some lucky person is going to receive these cute little cards in the mail! who? well, i don't know yet... for each day you posted a comment on my blog thus far, you get one 'ticket'. when miss lilly wakes up from her nap, she will be drawing a name :) good luck!! and check back for the winner :) oh... and watch for more fun giveaways... every now and then i'm in a good mood... teehee.


erin said...

You are so incredibly creative! How fun that you are raffling things. What a great idea for my blog - once I get it up and running the way I want it. Might need some help with that. Anyway, very cool idea! I hope I win!

Karen R said...

Cute little cards.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Tell Lilly I said to draw my name. =) I want to win!!! How fun!


Erika said...

Tell Lilly I said a big THANKS to my favorite little buckeye fan! I really enjoyed the nice little surprise in the mail today! Her Mom is so creative! :) THANKS AGAIN! I know I'll find something fun to use them for!

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