the loot

...thanks to my awesome aunt for finding my 2 favorite things in one(a garage sale, with scrap stuff!) i got all these goodies for under $20... yahoo! how cool is that? the paper was 8 cents a sheet and everthing else was 75% off... pretty close to a scrapbookers' heaven :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Great blog site. I'm so tempted to try one, but I really have nothing to say. LOL. Nice finds at the yard sale. :)


KarenR. said...

What a cool find.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a find! You did hit the jackpot! I couldnt resist at the mall and bought a tiny baby outfit for Amanda. I put it in one of her dresser drawers, and told her to go through it and see if she got everything! She didnt want to at first butfinally did! She loved it!

KatieJ said...

Cool Blog. Look at all those goodies you got. Have fun using them. :D Katie

Anonymous said...

You always find the best deals! I am jealous, especially of your scrapbook finds. You must show me where find the good scrapbook garage sale stuff. :)


heather said...

LUuuUCKY! I cant wait to use them!! ha ha..

--heather b

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