80 pounds of toddler

...is pulling 80 pounds of toddler (in a wagon, all around the neighborhood) considered a form of excersize? if so... i had a good workout today :)


Anonymous said...

alright who weighs 80lbs? I know it wasnt just miss Lilly? I want a pic to go with it! And yes anything to do with motherhood is a workout!!! Thats why you look so fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry Itwas me...Laura! And donttellme to try for an account cause I did and it kept saying my name was already taken!LOL Wasnt it just a beautiful day? It was here. Im feeling a bit queasy and tired. Think its sympathy symptoms for Amanda? She said shes not nauseated just having food aversions and loss of appetite actually. She was so bummed cause she had rejoined WW as she had gained about 20 lbs back of the 65 that shelost. Now shell have to quit till afte rthe baby. They were offering WW at her poalce of employment. Have a good Sunday Jen!

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