sign in!

...ok everyone... are you reading this? if so... you must sign in! it is the law. no ifs, ands, or butts about it (and yes... that is 'butts' with 2 't's) ... nothing complicated, just say "hey! i'm here!"

"but jen, how do i leave you a message?"

oh... great question! see below my post were it says something like... 'posted by jen at 12:34 pm 1000 comments'? well, just click on the "comments" part, and wallah... it should be self explanitory from there :)

if you managed to read through this entire post, and you still do not sign in... well then, you are stalking me. if that is the case... lilly will do to you what she did to this cracker!


Trish said...

well if its the LAW,fine i'll sign in. cute pic of lilly. she always up to something. have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Ok i am guilty. please don't eat me.I will try my best to sign in from now on.

Anonymous said...

HI Jen Its me...Laura! Please dont get me hooked into this blog thing!LOL Im trying to resist!LOL I love the pic of lilly in Daves hat! And his shirt too? I cant wait to have alittle Lilly runing around!

Ali said...

I admit it, I looked before without commenting. Last time I didn't choose the right identity so it didn't work. I tried. Your pictures are so cute and I am so proud of you for using your new stamp set! I love keeping updated on the Hoenings! You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! All the pics are TOO CUTE!! I love this blog, its fun to check out. (much better than the other blogs I have seen. =) )
Great job! See you soon.

Dee said...

Say, Lilly has taken off in the growing dept. All the photos are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Cute Pics! This blog is a good way for me to keep informed on you guys. Great Job! See you soon


joypur said...

auntie joyce... Cool.. i have now crossed the "blog" threshold and am joining in... The best pic was the pumpkin and the pumpkin!! Your photo abilities are grand-- especially your gorgeous mom and Aunties!! Thanks a bunch and I will keep an EYE on you!! Love ya, Jp

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