(san)deal of the week

not that we will need sandals anymore this year (who knows... this is ohio) but lilly's long little chubby feet were getting uncomfortably squished in the sandals we had used all summer. now, normally i would head out garage saling in search of some barely worn sandals, that someone spent way too much money on and now has to sell to me for a dollar... but garage sale season is coming to an end. so... we go to kohls, find a pair clearanced for 1/2 off of $14.99 (regularly priced $29.99)... so $7.50. not bad, but i've found better. we get the sandals home and realize they are much much too big... and who knows if they will work next year. so, a few days later... off to another {nicer} kohls to return them and see what else we can find. it is our lucky day... dave finds the same exact sandals, in the exact size for lilly's piggies... and even better? they are 1/2 off their clearance price of... $5.00! yahooooo..... $2.50.... i wouldn't have paid that at a garage sale, but hey... i can't be too picky while shopping for sandals in october :)

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