lots to say.
not much to blog about.

i am in the mood for this pan.
no cool brownie pan or brownie mix in the panty though.

i do have some leftovers of this to eat.
(i borrowed the below picture from there as well)
and we forgot to get the ice cream out for cohen's bday party.
(funny... we did for lilly's 3rd bday party too.)

so guess what my snack is for watching grey's?
sheet cake and ice cream.

i did jog 2 miles today.
so that may balance things out?
or not.  yeah. probably not.


guest blogging at OMW!

How exciting!!!
This is my first time guest blogging anywhere, and what a thrill to be asked to be a guest on 'oh my word!'

Thanks Evelyn, for the opportunity.
I am very honored.


cohen is 3!

the little man is 3 today.
where did my baby go?
happy birthday Cohen.
we love you :)


my style

I don’t love walmart.
But I do love good prices.
So on the occasion, I find myself there.
With Lilly this time.
Looking for a plastic bat and ball that wasn’t going to cost me $10.

While strolling the isles we see a lllloooong rack of girls/juniors shirt with a $1.50 sign.
Yay! Apparently the Miley Cyrus line didn’t sell as well as hoped.
(As well as some others thrown in.)

We found 3 shirts for Lilly.
Tinker Bell, stars, and a pink peace shirt.

I keep sliding the shirts down the rack to see what else there is and find some super cute glittery shirts.
Oh. I like these.
Let’s see if the big ones will fit me.
I hold up a shirt to eyeball the size…
And out comes the whine.

“Mommmmm. You don’t haaaaavvvve style.”

Oh Lilly.
(You are correct, but you don’t have to remind me.)

We take them into the changing room.
I try them on.
I actually like how they fit me.
I pick out 2 to buy.

Lilly whines something about my 'mom clothes'.
(as in, the clothes i normally wear)
And how my clothes were plain.
Not ‘style’.
She uses the term ‘style’ as a noun.
And specifically the fact that I don’t have any.
(Just like I don’t have a boat, or a pony.)

So this morning, I let her choose which of my new shirts I’d wear.
She sighed and choose the purply one.

Then we had a photo shoot.
To celebrate my style.
Since I have some now.
But only in the form of 2 shirts.
eta: When Lilly says that I have no style, what she was means to say is "Those new shirts DO have style.  But YOU don't, so you shouldnt be wearing them".

oh, and we did find a ball and bat for $4.00 :)


happy earth day

dave built our garden last weekend.
the kids helped.
we are missing our fresh garden tomatoes.
it'll be hard to wait for them
but worth it.
happy earth day!
i also share my birthday with earth day.
and i know 7 other people with a 4/22 bday.
isn't that strange?
(to know 7 people who have your bday?)
i think so ;)


My Life People ~Meet Kelli!~

It's back... My Life People!
My 9th segment starring....
Kelli W!
1.How do you know me?
Jen and I met while working together at Gen's Hallmark in Bowling Green. We were both attending BGSU while working there. A funny story that I will always remember is that we both started crying during one of our very first conversations. We had to quickly wipe away our tears before a customer came to checkout. It doesn't take much to get us to cry though! After that conversation, it started a life-long friendship. Even though we are a lot farther apart now, we have remained great friends! I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often. We became such good friends that I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and she was my Matron of Honor in my wedding. (and she was a GREAT Matron of Honor too, as I'm sure you all can imagine!)

2. Tell me 5 things on your to-do list.
My brother is getting married this weekend, which adds a lot to my to-do list, so here are a few things....
a. manicure/pedicure
b. eye brow wax
c. tanning
d. laser hair removal appt
e. pick up Dan and Caden's tux

3. What song would be your theme song?/What's your favorite song?
Well these days I pretty much just listen to toddler tunes, so as for my theme song/favorite song, I don't really know. I guess the song that I have been playing over and over these days is Forever by Chris Brown. The bridal party for my brother's wedding is entering the reception to this song so I am coordinating a dance routine for the bridal party per the bride and groom's request! So, I have the song playing over and over in my head! It's catchy, I like it!

4. You get to go to a car lot and pick out whatever you want… what do you pick?
Hmmm... well I love cars, especially getting new cars (who doesn't) but the one I would pick right now if I could get anything is the Lexus GX 10. Seems like a great family vehicle!

5. If you could go any where, Where would you go?
Well, you know that I LOVE to travel..... and there are sooo many places I still want to go. However, traveling very far with Caden (our 14 month old) is a challenge. I think a 4 hour flight is about the max, so that limits a lot of places I want to go, and I could never leave him behind! But if I could go anywhere and distance wasn't a factor, I would choose Fiji! Maybe someday!

My notes on Kelli:
Kelli is one of my greatest friends ever. From the very beginning we had so many 'me too!' moments :)  We've been through a lot of big life moments together... dating, engagements, showers, weddings, graduations, moves, pregnancies, babies. Our phone calls are a minimum of one hour long.  We've become a part of each others' families.  And though she lives in the state up north, we still love her :)  We love each other for our similarities, as much as we love each other for our differences.  I'm not sure if there are 2 other people in the world who wanted to be mommies more than Kelli and I.   And now we are :)  Love you Kelli!!!
Forever on the dance floor :)


my surprise

i survived my surprise.
dave took me out for dinner for my [early] birthday.
dropped the kids off at my aunt's...
(thank you aunt lisa!!!)

and we went here.
ive always wanted to go.
it was very fun.
i love all things dipable ;)

thank you sweetie boy.
for surprising me with something i actually wanted :)

next time lets go when i can taste my food all the way.
i know. how greedy can i be?


still here

so i broke my every other day blogging streak.
oh well.
pollen will do that to a lady.

i had a rough week.
ill get over it.

this weekend.
a surprise from dave.
(no comment)
a new to me song.
i think it was written just for me.
and when i say me... i mean all of us :)

press on and just fight the good fight :)


Your Hands dance

This is adorably beautiful.
Danced to one of my current favorites… JJ Heller’s ‘Your Hands’

(sorry it's chopped off on the right... i need to figure out how to widen that column of my blog. and then to figure out what size i like... and you all know how good my decision making skills are. ok, i got it a little wider... enough with my babbling, hope you enjoy(ed) the tiny dancer!)


rewind to march

we had a teeny little party to celebrate lilly turning 6.
a 'make your own pizza' party with 3 of her friends. 
(a glorified playdate really...)
and these are the cookies she took to school to celebrate :)

now just a few weeks till the little man turns 3.
i better figure out what we are doing for that.



a very quick and random post...  so that i dont break my 'at least every other day' streak of blogging.

-a sad day today.  feeling for a friend (who happens to be a neighbor) who was told by the city she can no longer have scrapbook crops in her home.  some other neighbors complained. being a scrapper and a neighbor i feel stuck in the middle.  i wish it all could have worked out nicely among friendly happy people.

-giggling at dave for saying i needed to blog about these 2 things.
1. the fact that i worry about getting my aprons dirty because they are nicer than the actual clothes im wearing underneath them
2. calling the bobbers, 'bobbins', when fishing (hey! im a seamstress... not a fisherwoman)

-need to get to some more 'my life people' posts

-and do the last of the 'he said, she said' posts

-wishing Spring weather would return

-ive been asked to be a guest blogger on a fun blog i follow!! (more to come on that soon...)

-looking forward to scrapping with friends tomorrow... and eating, it's breakfast for dinner :)

-looking forward to a hot date night tonight: subway and redbox.  we are so awesome.

have a great weekend :)


chicken egg salad

Lilly always gives me a hard time that 'my' recipes aren’t really my recipes.
'My' as in… a recipe that I make up all on my own.
Usually when I try to invent something all on my own, isn’t worth sharing.

I think this one is worth sharing.
(Though it isn’t totally my own idea from the start.)
It is loosely (and I say that loosely) based on a recipe from a food and family magazine.

Let’s call it… Jen’s chicken egg salad.
(just because Dave always wants a name for everything I make…)

Jen’s Chicken Egg Salad

3 hard boiled eggs, sliced both ways in my pampered chef slicer
1 - 5oz can of chicken, drained
red onions, diced
pickle(s), diced
a big glob of miracle whip
2 shakes (or 3 or 4) of celery seed

I would have added another pickle (or 2) for more crunch and flavor, but someone (uh hum... dave) ate all but one of them.  And I was wishing for a more fancy bun. Lilly likes it with crackers :)


meeting marie :)

friends of ours had their first little baby girl a few weeks ago.
we were so excited to meet little marie :)

my heart melts looking at these pics.
a teeny tiny new baby.
and the faces on my little ones holding her :)
congrats john and julie.
your daughter is simply precious.
we are so happy for all of you :)

(and thanks john... for the pics, you are awesome!!)


O Praise Him

i 'stumbled' across this video a few weeks ago... happy Easter :)


april fools

this is about as april foolsy as I get.
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