meeting marie :)

friends of ours had their first little baby girl a few weeks ago.
we were so excited to meet little marie :)

my heart melts looking at these pics.
a teeny tiny new baby.
and the faces on my little ones holding her :)
congrats john and julie.
your daughter is simply precious.
we are so happy for all of you :)

(and thanks john... for the pics, you are awesome!!)


Rorie said...

Oh, she is adorable. And I love that look of sheer joy on Miss Lilly's face when she is holding the baby.

April said...

i can't get over how much lilly looks like you in these pictures!

Krysty said...

I thought the same thing at April...Looks like they REALLY like having the wee one around! (hint, hint) :-)

arminda said...

What a beauty!! :)

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