happy earth day

dave built our garden last weekend.
the kids helped.
we are missing our fresh garden tomatoes.
it'll be hard to wait for them
but worth it.
happy earth day!
i also share my birthday with earth day.
and i know 7 other people with a 4/22 bday.
isn't that strange?
(to know 7 people who have your bday?)
i think so ;)


Rorie said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!
And yay for gardens. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that all the stuff we planted survives. Mmm, I love fresh, home-grown produce.

arminda said...

Hey you didn't tell me it was your birthday?! :( Happy birthday!!!! What all do you have planted? We started seeds in cups about 10 days ago and already have lots of green sprouts! We have tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. We are also building a small garden out back, just trying to decide where to put it. So much fun! :)

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday/Earth Day to us!! Hope you had a great day. And I love the garden!! This will be my first year planting one so any pointers you have would be much appreciated :)

Swedish Mama said...

Garden boxes, yeah. And planted!!!
I hope I have some time next weekend to get some things planted.
Happy growing.

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