my surprise

i survived my surprise.
dave took me out for dinner for my [early] birthday.
dropped the kids off at my aunt's...
(thank you aunt lisa!!!)

and we went here.
ive always wanted to go.
it was very fun.
i love all things dipable ;)

thank you sweetie boy.
for surprising me with something i actually wanted :)

next time lets go when i can taste my food all the way.
i know. how greedy can i be?


Rorie said...

Oo, yum, the Melting Pot! I love that place. Dh took me there once for our anniversary. Melted cheese, melted chocolate, what's not to love? (Not together, of course, LOL.)

Jen said...

I love love love the Melting Pot. Ours just closed a few weeks ago...I didn't even get any advance notice so I could get there for a last meal!

Happy (early) birthday!

Sam said...

What a fun looking place to eat. Any pictures?

Tammy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Melting Pot! I could have one of their Pomegranate Martinis every day. And the chocolate-peanut butter fondue ... oh man! Dang it, now I'm hungry!! Thanks a lot, Jen. And happy early birthday, birthday buddy :)

Swedish Mama said...

so glad you had a great, great birthday, you deserve it my dear girl. Love you.

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