my style

I don’t love walmart.
But I do love good prices.
So on the occasion, I find myself there.
With Lilly this time.
Looking for a plastic bat and ball that wasn’t going to cost me $10.

While strolling the isles we see a lllloooong rack of girls/juniors shirt with a $1.50 sign.
Yay! Apparently the Miley Cyrus line didn’t sell as well as hoped.
(As well as some others thrown in.)

We found 3 shirts for Lilly.
Tinker Bell, stars, and a pink peace shirt.

I keep sliding the shirts down the rack to see what else there is and find some super cute glittery shirts.
Oh. I like these.
Let’s see if the big ones will fit me.
I hold up a shirt to eyeball the size…
And out comes the whine.

“Mommmmm. You don’t haaaaavvvve style.”

Oh Lilly.
(You are correct, but you don’t have to remind me.)

We take them into the changing room.
I try them on.
I actually like how they fit me.
I pick out 2 to buy.

Lilly whines something about my 'mom clothes'.
(as in, the clothes i normally wear)
And how my clothes were plain.
Not ‘style’.
She uses the term ‘style’ as a noun.
And specifically the fact that I don’t have any.
(Just like I don’t have a boat, or a pony.)

So this morning, I let her choose which of my new shirts I’d wear.
She sighed and choose the purply one.

Then we had a photo shoot.
To celebrate my style.
Since I have some now.
But only in the form of 2 shirts.
eta: When Lilly says that I have no style, what she was means to say is "Those new shirts DO have style.  But YOU don't, so you shouldnt be wearing them".

oh, and we did find a ball and bat for $4.00 :)


Rorie said...

Isn't she a bit young to be embarrassed by her mother's style? Next time you go pick her up from school (or wherever) go with curlers in your hair, bathrobe, slippers, and hey, maybe even a mud-mask on. Although they might not let you pick her up in that get-up. :)
Love the new shirt! That's something I totally would have picked out for myself. We can have no style together. :)

Jen said...

Maybe Lilly just doesn't know what 'style' is! :)

I love that shirt and it looks super cute on you!

Swedish Mama said...

Yeah for you--style. Just remember there are alot of definitions for that word. Have fun being 'wild'.

Katie said...

LOL - someone must be telling Lily what to say I remember telling my mom she was model and she was having permed hair and Hawaiian shirt moments. cute shirt.

arminda said...

I saw these shirts! You look super cute! :) And style schmyle. You go girl!

Judy said...

I bought Emily a few of the Miley Cyrus shirts off the clearance rack at Wally World. They were $5.00 and $3.00 when I got them. She has the pink one with the peace sign too. She also has a white one with black stars all over the front, which is her favorite. Yours is pretty! I don't think my 49 year old self would look good in a shirt meant for a 12 year old, but it works on you!

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