rewind to march

we had a teeny little party to celebrate lilly turning 6.
a 'make your own pizza' party with 3 of her friends. 
(a glorified playdate really...)
and these are the cookies she took to school to celebrate :)

now just a few weeks till the little man turns 3.
i better figure out what we are doing for that.


Rorie said...

Holy cow, your kids are growing up so fast! The make your own pizza party sounds really fun. :) (And the cookies and cupcakes look really yummy!)
Oh, we tried your Reuben sandwich recipe last night. (With whole-wheat bread instead of rye) It was a huge hit with the adults. And our kids don't count, because they don't like anything anyway. ;P

arminda said...

Those cookies are CUTE!!! :) What a fun idea for a birthday party too. Love her apron. ;)

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