a very quick and random post...  so that i dont break my 'at least every other day' streak of blogging.

-a sad day today.  feeling for a friend (who happens to be a neighbor) who was told by the city she can no longer have scrapbook crops in her home.  some other neighbors complained. being a scrapper and a neighbor i feel stuck in the middle.  i wish it all could have worked out nicely among friendly happy people.

-giggling at dave for saying i needed to blog about these 2 things.
1. the fact that i worry about getting my aprons dirty because they are nicer than the actual clothes im wearing underneath them
2. calling the bobbers, 'bobbins', when fishing (hey! im a seamstress... not a fisherwoman)

-need to get to some more 'my life people' posts

-and do the last of the 'he said, she said' posts

-wishing Spring weather would return

-ive been asked to be a guest blogger on a fun blog i follow!! (more to come on that soon...)

-looking forward to scrapping with friends tomorrow... and eating, it's breakfast for dinner :)

-looking forward to a hot date night tonight: subway and redbox.  we are so awesome.

have a great weekend :)


Rorie said...

Subway and redbox sounds like an awesome date. :)
And mean people suck. Seriously, they complained because she was having crops at her house? Wow. Just wow.

Jen said...

Ha! I feel the same way about my apron...it is soooo beautiful. I was making a cake today and being extra careful...and laughing at myself a bit about that fact.

Anonymous said...

You are so kidding about the city telling your neighbor she cant have scrapping parties in her home? Too loud?


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