My Life People ~Meet Kelli!~

It's back... My Life People!
My 9th segment starring....
Kelli W!
1.How do you know me?
Jen and I met while working together at Gen's Hallmark in Bowling Green. We were both attending BGSU while working there. A funny story that I will always remember is that we both started crying during one of our very first conversations. We had to quickly wipe away our tears before a customer came to checkout. It doesn't take much to get us to cry though! After that conversation, it started a life-long friendship. Even though we are a lot farther apart now, we have remained great friends! I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often. We became such good friends that I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and she was my Matron of Honor in my wedding. (and she was a GREAT Matron of Honor too, as I'm sure you all can imagine!)

2. Tell me 5 things on your to-do list.
My brother is getting married this weekend, which adds a lot to my to-do list, so here are a few things....
a. manicure/pedicure
b. eye brow wax
c. tanning
d. laser hair removal appt
e. pick up Dan and Caden's tux

3. What song would be your theme song?/What's your favorite song?
Well these days I pretty much just listen to toddler tunes, so as for my theme song/favorite song, I don't really know. I guess the song that I have been playing over and over these days is Forever by Chris Brown. The bridal party for my brother's wedding is entering the reception to this song so I am coordinating a dance routine for the bridal party per the bride and groom's request! So, I have the song playing over and over in my head! It's catchy, I like it!

4. You get to go to a car lot and pick out whatever you want… what do you pick?
Hmmm... well I love cars, especially getting new cars (who doesn't) but the one I would pick right now if I could get anything is the Lexus GX 10. Seems like a great family vehicle!

5. If you could go any where, Where would you go?
Well, you know that I LOVE to travel..... and there are sooo many places I still want to go. However, traveling very far with Caden (our 14 month old) is a challenge. I think a 4 hour flight is about the max, so that limits a lot of places I want to go, and I could never leave him behind! But if I could go anywhere and distance wasn't a factor, I would choose Fiji! Maybe someday!

My notes on Kelli:
Kelli is one of my greatest friends ever. From the very beginning we had so many 'me too!' moments :)  We've been through a lot of big life moments together... dating, engagements, showers, weddings, graduations, moves, pregnancies, babies. Our phone calls are a minimum of one hour long.  We've become a part of each others' families.  And though she lives in the state up north, we still love her :)  We love each other for our similarities, as much as we love each other for our differences.  I'm not sure if there are 2 other people in the world who wanted to be mommies more than Kelli and I.   And now we are :)  Love you Kelli!!!
Forever on the dance floor :)

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