Your Hands dance

This is adorably beautiful.
Danced to one of my current favorites… JJ Heller’s ‘Your Hands’

(sorry it's chopped off on the right... i need to figure out how to widen that column of my blog. and then to figure out what size i like... and you all know how good my decision making skills are. ok, i got it a little wider... enough with my babbling, hope you enjoy(ed) the tiny dancer!)


Rugrat Design said...

What a great message!

Jen said...


Krysty said...

Thanks for sharing! She's adorable and very talented!

Tammy said...

So, so sweet!!!

Jane Haag said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yours and was happy to see you had read mine!!



arminda said...

So cute!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Thanks for the comment. I wish Earth Day was my bday, what a great day! Hey, you can just go in and make the youtube window smaller in the html. You will see the numbers of how big it is and then you can just chop it down on the height and width. Make sure you do it in BOTH places in there. It is really easy, I know it sounds scary, but it isn't. This is how I got the Oceans preview to fit on my blog.

I hope you win a bag! Teresa

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