lots to say.
not much to blog about.

i am in the mood for this pan.
no cool brownie pan or brownie mix in the panty though.

i do have some leftovers of this to eat.
(i borrowed the below picture from there as well)
and we forgot to get the ice cream out for cohen's bday party.
(funny... we did for lilly's 3rd bday party too.)

so guess what my snack is for watching grey's?
sheet cake and ice cream.

i did jog 2 miles today.
so that may balance things out?
or not.  yeah. probably not.


Rorie said...

I would LOVE that brownie pan. Not for $40 though. Maybe someday...
I get cake and ice cream tonight too! Life is good. :)
And yeah, jogging evens it all out. :)

Tammy said...

Oh that chocolate cake!!! Man it's awesome. It has become a staple in the Sawyer house. And her cinnamon rolls. Holy cow they're AMAZING! (although I don't add the maple flavoring - YUCK) Now that I'm writing this, pretty much everything PW makes is fantastic. But the two I mentioned are staples around here :)

Jen said...

My kids are obsessed with that pan! I don't see it in my near future, though...

And it absolutely balances out. I swear, the only reason why I exercise is to be able to eat ice cream.

Did you also know that eating something healthy like carrots cancels out eating something unhealthy like cake? True story.

sarah said...

one of these days i will make that cake. i keep hearing amazing things about it. hmmmm. i wonder if i have all the ingredients at home right now? i just might need to bake it this weekend!


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