fun things to make and do!

just a few fun, easy, free things to do with the kids.

what we call a 'treasure ice block'

what you do is freeze things in layers... in a plastic container.
this was the 1st block i made, and i used just used plastic toys from around the house.

This kept Daddy and Lilly busy for at least half an hour :)

SO much fun on a hot summer day!!

giving old stubby crayons new life!!

( I want to say I melted them for about 7 minutes at 350 degrees. Then I let them cool/harden before popping them out.)

i believe i got both of these ideas through this blog... The Crafty Crow.

a WONDERFUL blog constantly being updated with wonderful ideas for moms, teachers... and really anyone who loves to find great ideas for fun things to do!!


arrhhh matey.

so, i'm loving the pirate thing right now :)
i'm about to make myself a skull purse.
or something.

enjoy the littlest pirates.

Hope you are having a good week!!



My newest little embroidery model.


He even got his hair highlighted just for the photos :)
Can you BELIEVE that hair??? SO cute!

Seriously though... this is the newest addition to 'my group of kids'.

Dave, the kids and I went over to their front yard for a little photo shoot. Here are some of our favorite shots... all courtesy of Dave.

And here is the announcement that I made up for them :)

(I actually made a handful of similar ones, because you know I can't be satisfied with making anything simple on myself... but this one was the keeper!)

When picking up the pics at the photo shop they asked for copyright information. Now that's a nice compliment :)

And of course, I have to share a few little things I made for the handsome boy.

His mom loves the burps so much, that she ordered 3 more!
(They really are nice... and a lot of moms claim that my burps are their favorites!)

Check out my new designs too!! The skull and the beach car... so fun!! I had been waiting for a reason to get that skull, and I'd been eyeing that beach car too!

And one last picture... Bryce was eager for a picture with his Wildcats onesie :)

So... there you have it.

The photo shoot.
The announcement.
The embroidery.

The new little man.


delightfully tacky.

each year my mom and her sister's go on a 'sister's vacation'. they occasionally like to do the matching thing.

Purses on clearance at Target + my favorite embroidery monogram = great Sister's Week gifts!! (These bags were just screaming sister's week!)

I'm sure my mom and all of my aunties just look adorable carrying their gorgeous matching purses :) I should have made some business cards, because I'm sure everyone will be wondering where they got such delightfully tacky bags!!

(Hi, I'm a cute 4 year old.)

(And now I'm 14. But still cute!)

I also got some fun new embroidery designs!! Can't wait to share :)
Have a photo shoot to share.
Some other fun crafty things to share too.

Oh, and I sent out a 3rd version of the cookbook.
So sorry :( But I messed up some page numbers in the index.

I'm off! Have a great week :)


my sister's famous cupcake (and her living cupcake)

(lots of links today.. but they are FUN links!! did you ever meet a link you didn't click?!?!)

So... remember the awesome cupcakes that my sister made? (scroll down past my bday stuff)

Well, they are now famous... HERE!!
How fun is that?? On a cupcake blog!!

She made those cutie little cupcakes for her boyfriend's bday back in April.

Speaking of her boyfriend, Joe (who Lilly calls Potato Joe)... I've been wanting to share a few of his sites and talents for a while now, so now is a good time :)

Ever seen the Planet Green ads?? (click the slide show)
That's his.

How about this one? (well, if you're in the UK you might have seen it) I just now watched it for the 1st time... AWESOME!! (and one of my favorite songs is on in the background! yay!!)

And another... what? are you kidding me? seriously? he did that!?!
(I ask my sister that every time she shows me something else...teehee)

How about The Next Foodnetwork Star??

His 2007 Reel.
For Real. He is soooo talented.

And... he is working on his own film right now... Fathoms.
Check out the blog here.
I am completely amazed!!

That's just some of his work.

I would love to have just a smidge of that talent in working with the computer!!
I may be crafty, but not so much artistic ;)

Hope you enjoyed all the links!!

(Thanks for letting me share m&j!!)



Here are some photos from our vacation!
Of course I can never take photos of everything... but here are some of the fun times.

Chipping away at a 'treasure ice block'.

Daddy's pizza night!

Some fun rock sculptures by the lake. This was hanging at the top of the stairs in the cottage we stayed in. It was nice to read each time I climbed the stairs.

It's nice to have subtle reminders like these :)

Have a good week everyone!
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