delightfully tacky.

each year my mom and her sister's go on a 'sister's vacation'. they occasionally like to do the matching thing.

Purses on clearance at Target + my favorite embroidery monogram = great Sister's Week gifts!! (These bags were just screaming sister's week!)

I'm sure my mom and all of my aunties just look adorable carrying their gorgeous matching purses :) I should have made some business cards, because I'm sure everyone will be wondering where they got such delightfully tacky bags!!

(Hi, I'm a cute 4 year old.)

(And now I'm 14. But still cute!)

I also got some fun new embroidery designs!! Can't wait to share :)
Have a photo shoot to share.
Some other fun crafty things to share too.

Oh, and I sent out a 3rd version of the cookbook.
So sorry :( But I messed up some page numbers in the index.

I'm off! Have a great week :)


rmeyfe said...

Love the colors!!!

Rorie said...

How fun, I bet they'll enjoy them!

erin said...

those are too fun!
i didn't get the 3rd version of the cookbook...

April said...

those bags are awesome....i'm sure our moms loved them!

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