arrhhh matey.

so, i'm loving the pirate thing right now :)
i'm about to make myself a skull purse.
or something.

enjoy the littlest pirates.

Hope you are having a good week!!


Rorie said...

Too cute! Cohen just has the most contagious grin! :)

Katie said...

oh I love a good pirate.

Krysty said...

Yeah! I can comment again! And could Cohen look any more like Dave?!? He's got his exact smile. Cute pirate design!

Betty said...

I love lily shirt, cute design.
On the other hand Cohen is getting big wow! In his first picture e just look adorable.

ali said...

Cohen's smile is sooooo contagious! Is he that cute all of the time? Wow!!!

erin said...

loving the pirate gear! too cute!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you do custom Pirate t-shirts? I have 5 year old twin boys who love pirates, including their dad. I would love to have 3 matching t-shirts for the boys and dad. Please let me know. Thanks.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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